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I shot my very first film roll. 
I am a digital photographer. Starting off on digital, having the privilege to take as many pictures as I want, with the leisure to make as many mistakes as I want, has left me spoiled.

With Film I did not have that luxury.
Every shot had to be perfectly exposed, perfectly focused, perfectly composed, and I only had 36 shots to get it right.
It taught me to be very intentional and think more about my composition. 

These shots were taken over the span of 1 month in various places and times where I found inspiration in the people I was surrounded by at that moment.

I love how they turned out, I did not expect how much I would love them until I saw them.
I can't wait to dive into the film world more and you all get to experience with me!

Canon AE-1 50MM 1.8 | KODAK 400TX BLACK & WHITE

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